World Championship 2017 Brunnen Switzerland

World Championships Rules

  • 1.Trophy and Prizes
    • 1.1The Trophy, the H-Boat Gold Cup, is the property of the IHA, who when they are satisfied that the event has been completed in accordance with the following rules, will award it the winner of the Championship.
    • 1.2The IHA will deliver medals for helmsmen and crew members of the first three boats, i.e. 3 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze. In addition the host club shall present equivalent prices to helmsmen and crew members for at least the ten first boats in the championship.
  • 2.General Rules for the Trophy
    • 2.1The Trophy, the H-Boat Gold Cup, shall be insured by the IHA.
    • 2.2The names of the winning yacht, the helmsman and the crew members shall be engraved on the Trophy by the winning helmsman.
    • 2.3The Trophy shall be retained by the winner until two month before the next championship takes place. The winner shall then return the Trophy to the Host Club who will retain it until it is awarded to the next winner of the H-Boat Gold Cup. Otherwise the Host Club has to return the Cup to the IHA.
    • 2.4If no World Championship is completed, the Trophy shall be returned to and retained by the IHA.
  • 3.Location
    • 3.1Application for holding the World Championship must be received by the IHA not later than 30 month before the start of the World Championship for the current year.
    • 3.2Before awarding the site of the World Championship the IHA shall:
      • 3.2.1ensure that the Host Club has a copy of the current International H-Boat Class World Championship Rules
      • 3.2.2require the Host Club to state in writing that it will comply the previous items,
      • 3.2.3ascertain that the Host Club has suitable shore and water facilities at the proposed location of the World Championship including 1 host, dry storage, rigging, measuring and parking areas, adjacent docking and mooring for at least 71 H-Boats, club house and attendant facilities, sufficient and suitable boats to perform race functions, including committee boats, mark boat, patrol towing and spectator boats, and sufficient open water to lay a two mile circle on which, if possible no point is closer than one mile to any substantial body of land.
      • 3.2.4ascertain that the Host Club has written approval of the National Authority of its country to apply for the World Championship and to hold it at the intended location,
      • 3.2.5approve the dates proposed by the Host Club.
    • 3.3The IHA shall at its annual meeting announce the location and dates of the next two World Championships.
  • 4.Eligibility
    • 4.1The maxi. number of entries to the World Championship is limited to 70 boats plus the current World Champion and the President if they want to participate.
    • 4.2Entries to the World Championship shall be on a per country basis, and the number of entries to which each country shall be entitled, shall be determined proportionally to the number of certified H-Boats owned by members of the National H-Boat Association (NHA) in each country per 1st October the previous year. Countries without NHA may by discretion of IHA allowed to enter one boat.
    • 4.3If the total number of participants for entries received - as laid down in rule 6 - is less than 70 boats, the host country shall be allowed to enter in excess of its quota 20% of the difference between the number of applicants and 70. After receiving these 20% for the Host Country the remaining shortfall below 70 may at the request of the Host Club be awarded by the IHA to those NHAs who requests entries in excess of their quota. If the additional requested entries exceeds the remaining shortfall these shall be distributed to the NHA's proportionally to their total number of requested entries.
      In addition to this the number of entries from each NHA will be estimated and agreed on, at the IHA meeting.
    • 4.4The winning helmsman of the current World Championship shall have the right to defend his title without having to qualify and without having his entry to effect the number of yachts of his country is allowed to enter.
    • 4.5Every helmsman must be permanent citizen of the country under whose quota he enters.
    • 4.6The International H-Boat World Championship shall be raced with one helmsman and two or three crew members.
    • 4.7All H-Boats participating in a World Championship must have a valid certificate. Chartered boats are allowed but the sail number shall be the national letters and numbers of the helmsman's country.
  • 5.Advance Notice
    • 5.1The Host Club shall after consulting the IHA not later than 6 month before the first race in the series send by airmail an appropriate number of notices of races in English to every NHA for onward transmission to the owners.
    • 5.2The Advance Notice shall include:
      • 5.2.1a statement of the location and dates of the World Championship
      • 5.2.2a brief description of the city or area and marina and weather conditions to be anticipated, of storage launching and mooring facilities, types approximate prices and proximity of accomodation available,
      • 5.2.3a schedule of event, listing:
        • of measurement and latest day by which all yachts shall be available for measurement,
        • b.the date of the spare day scheduled, special attention being drawn to the fact that if necessary that day will be used for racing,
        • c.the day and time of the first briefing.
    • 5.3The advance notice shall include the entry form B (crew list and declaration), asking for names, addresses and further usual details. This is to return by a participant to his National Association not later than 3.5 month before the first race.
      The host club shall send together with the advance notes an entry form A (intention to race), requesting the number of participants and the entry fee.
  • 6.Entries
    • 6.1Not later than 3 month before the first race in the series each NHA wishing to enter for the World Championship shall inform the Host Club and the IHA how many boats it wishes to enter and send entry fees to the Host Club by using entry form A.
      Applications not accompanied by entry fees are not valid. Entry fees proposed by the Host Club shall be accepted at the discretion of the IHA.
    • 6.2Not later than 2 month before the first race in the series the Host Club shall send a confirmation to each NHA of the number of boats that have been approved and at the same time return the fees that could not be accepted due to limitations.
      The entry fee of an approved yacht shall be paid and cannot be refunded in case of a later cancellation of the country or helmsman.
  • 7.The Races
    • 7.1The World Championship shall consist of at least 10 announced races and 4 racing days. 3 races may be sailed on the same day.
    • 7.2The low point scoring system shall be used with exception that if less than 5 races are completed, the H-Boat Gold Cup shall not be awarded.
    • 7.3The races shall be conducted under the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing in conjunction with the instructions of the Host Club.
    • 7.4All starts shall be to windward. Courses shall be chosen in consultation between the Host Club and the IHA to meet the local conditions.
    • 7.5The distance of the courses shall be made to meet a duration on approximately 1 hour.
  • 8.Sails
  • The number of sails used for the World Championship races and present for stamping shall be restricted to one mainsail, two jibs and two spinnakers of which one must be sealed. Each sail must be measured before being presented for stamping prior to the World Cup races. After a sail has been stamped, no change or major repair may be done during the series. In case a sail needs repair, the jury has to approve about repair or exchange. The number two spinnaker is only allowed to be used if the number one is severely damaged. The damaged one must directly after the race be shown to the jury.
  • 9.The Jury
  • The jury shall be an International Jury according to the current World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing.
  • 10.Measurement
  • Measuring shall be carried out in accordance with Appendix A. The Jury makes final interpretations of the measurement rules.
  • 11.Alterations
  • Alterations to these rules can be made by the International H-Boat Association only.
Date: 07.08.2020, IHA Meeting at Medemblik

Appendix A

International H-Boat World Championship Measurement Rules

The National H-Boat Association and the Host Club are responsible for measuring all yachts participating in a World championship to ensure that they fulfil the H-Boat Class Rules. If no H-Boat Class Measurer is available for this job, an other measurer with experience in measuring of International Classes may be appointed only.

The following should be carried out.

  • 1.Valid measurement certificate shall be inspected for each competing yacht before it is allowed to start. For the measurement procedure a measurement form for each boat shall be used.
  • 2.All sails shall be measured and stamped by the World Cup measurer. Sails once stamped shall not be remeasured unless changed or repaired after stamping.
  • 3.The weight of min. 10% of all participating boats should be controlled if the current conditions allow an accurate weighing procedure. The boats shall be weighed before the event.Weighing during the event shall only be done on a decision of the jury.
    • 3.1The weight of all crews should be controlled according to class rule 4.1. The crews shall be weighed before the event./li>
  • 4.A random check of hull and rig of all boats should be carried out at the choice of the measures. The following measurement are recommended:
    • 4.1Hull measurement:
      • 4.1.aforestay and mast position and marks on deck,
      • 4.1.bshroud distance from forestay, boats built before 31st. Dec. 1978 may according to a general IHA-dispensation have shorter distance than specified in the Class Rules,
      • 4.1.cnot eligible holes in deck and superstructure,
      • 4.1.dequipment as prescribed in the Class Rules.
    • 4.2Rig measurement:
      • 4.2.aposition of marks on boom and mast,
      • 4.2.bdimensions of stays and shrouds.
  • 5.Measured boats should be marked e.g. with a piece of coloured tape at the aft stay.
  • 6.Dispensation to the Class Rules may be given by the chief measurer for a specified World Championship only.

H-Boat World Championship Organisation

30 month before
Application to IHA for venue
Host Club
25 month before
Submit draft of entry fee with a list of social events during the Worlds to IHA for approval
Host Club
7 month before
Submit draft Advance Notice and Application for entry form to IHA for approval.
Host Club
6 month before
Circulate Advance Notice and Application for entry form to National H-Boat Associations (NHAs)
Host Club
4 month before
Submit to IHA name of chief measurer for approval
Submit to IHA names of Jury for approval
Submit sailing instructions to IHA for approval
Host Club
3 ½ month before
send entry form B to NHA
3 month before
NHAs inform Host Club and IHA of number of boats wishing to enter (accompanied by entry fees, use entry form A)
2 ½ month before
IHA advises Host Club of number of entries permitted
2 month before
Host Club send to NHAs the number of boats that have been approved Previous winner returns the Trophy IHA approves Chief measurer IHA approves Jury
Host Club
4 weeks before
NHAs send names of participating crews to the Host Club
1 month after
Host Club submits a report to IHA
Host Club